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this, two dreams. i mean, you couldn't even dream that you could dream the dream. and he was crying. >> yeah, i looked at my dad, and he looked at me and said dad, it really going to happen. it's really going to happen. i got to see it, so thank goodness. >> well, i'm sorry i never got the honor of meeting him but an honor to meet both of you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> i want to see that film, as well that does it for this edition of 360. we're back in an hour. we're back in an hour. piers morgan starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- this is "piers morgan live." welcome to the viewers here in the united states and around the world. tonight, breaking news on the desperate search for james dimaggio and the girl he allegedly abducted. police scouring a location where they were spotted in idaho. >> they did seem to think the two of them were out of place in that area with the light camping
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equipment they had. >> we'll have the very latest details, also super star takes the stand. >> to assess what really happened, when i arrived, my son was hysterical and in the back of an ambulance. i knew there had been an incident in the pool, but i didn't have clarity exactly what took place. >> usher's bitter custody battle plays out in court. a judge decides whether he's putting his son's live in danger and getting defense i've. >> i want to make clear once again america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> but is it? taking on critics and talking tough about the nsa's snooping. we begin with breaking news, the manhunt for james dimaggio,
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a pair fitting the description was seen in a remote area of idaho. that's where his car was found and paul joins me from san diego. a discovery of this car indicated they may be hiding in this remote area of idaho, possibly camping. tell me more. well, piers, that was always the concern of detectives here is that he was a bit of an outdoorsman, mr. dimaggio and would head to the back country. indeed, when they found the car it was covered in brush and pried off the license plates. they identified it by the vin number. let's listen about the discovery. >> the blue nissan versa was discovered covered in brush. the license plates had been removed, but local law enforcement in the area were able to confirm through the vin number that the vehicle did
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belong to dimaggio. >> so not only did they discover the car, but also, again, a single rider on horseback reportedly saw hanna, the 16-year-old and dimaggio about 8 miles from a trail head in the back country with camping equipment, piers. >> paul, from everything gleaning from all this, from the eyewitness accounts, the encounter with random strangers and the car et cetera, we clearly think they are in that vicinity but do we think they are there together as a couple, that they may have established a relationsh relationship? >> i press the the sheriff on that very question, piers. he said from what the rider on horseback saw, he did not seem to think that hanna was being kept against her will, but he did think it was odd enough that he called authorities. so who knows what threats could have been levelled against her by dimaggio. so far, they did say one thing
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that is a pleasant sign is that she is reportedly in good health, piers. >> and of course, she may have had no idea about what happened to her mother and what we fear has happened to her brother that died in the house fire. let's turn to the family who obviously are in a terrible state, despite to see hanna come back safely. you have intelligence about the family and what is going on there. >> reporter: it's just been an awful harrowing week for the family. not long ago, we talked to the maternal grandmother, so she lost her daughter this week, presumably she's lost her 8-year-old grandson but does have now hope about hanna. here is what she had to say. >> bittersweet. it's, you know, you're afraid of what they will tell you and so excited that what they might tell you is good news, what we've been waiting for. >> and it is good news.
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>> it is good news. it's awesome news. >> reporter: here is why that news is somewhat dire, piers. they did not see any sign of little 8 yooer-year-old ethan a remains inside the home match those of an 8-year-old child. they are trying to get a good dna sample on him, very difficult because of the state of the body, piers. >> yeah, and you have to fear the worst given that we heard the father earlier in the week only talking about hanna and getting hanna back. he clearly believes his son perished in that fire. very, very sad story. the area where the car was found is called the area of no return form rest. where in that vast region is hanna and james dimaggio. welcome to you, mr. deerdon. what can you tell me about the
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search and how you go about finding people in such extraordinary terrain. >> it is a challenge. we have hundreds of people on the ground, local, state, federal officials here, trained, tacticed teams that know how to handle the areas. access is a challenge. we're talking about very rugged terrain, steep rocky, very dense pine trees in much of the area, so certainly, it's not accessible by vehicle. so we have -- we're flying resources in. also, people on horseback. we'll be on the ground and in the air and putting as many resources as possible to hope c fully make this search a successful one, as well. >> if the people who saw them actually did see them and it was a clear sighting, we now believe that they don't have much equipment with them, they are pretty light in terms of equipment. does that matter at this time of
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year or can you survive quite easily, given it's warm? >> we don't have extreme temperatures, however, again, this is not -- you don't have easy access to food in this area so you're not going to be able to stop for supplies deep in the back country. certainly, you're going to need, depending on the length of stay, plenty of supplies. >> andrea dearden thank you very much. is james dimaggio a killer, did he abduct hanna or is there more? andrew, a lot happened since we spoke yesterday. we now seem to have clear evidence of the vehicle that they were traveling in, and indeed, your friend, james dimaggio is clearly traveling with hanna and she is still alive, certainly as far as wednesday, we believe. what is your reaction to that? the information i am about to
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tell you i notified the fbi three hours ago when i became aware of it and told the fbi which i got from laura robinson. in talking with laura and getting more into depth, especially regarding the motivation of what might be going on with jim -- >> just to clarify, laura robinson is game dimaggio's sister. >> jim's sister, that's correct. >> yeah. >> she looks quite a lot like hanna, which is another interesting point. let me just say, you know, we've been trying to figure out what the motivation might be or with what might have brought this on, hopefully to bring hanna and james home safely and unfortunately had to call the fbi to let them know i found out more information. what i found out was that jim's father had committed suicide in 1998. his mother had died of cancer and i got that wrong the other night. i'm sorry for that. several years before.
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the date that jim's father disappeared prior to his substance -- or prior to his suicide was actually the date that jim's house was lit on fire. that's the anniversary date. the date of his father's suicide is tomorrow. so at -- >> so that clearly could point to some kind of motive and psychological trama. >> it's bone chilling information when i heard it that potentially he's had a plan. often in my practice and working with clients who have had psychological problems and trama in their past and they make a suicide pack or plan they have hidden from other people it relates to anniversaries of the traumatic event and we might be seeing that here, there might be a link of the anniversary date of his dad's disappearance and suicide and the burning of the house and hopefully not but
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possibly a suicide of his own tomorrow, and to have a countdown like that is just bone chilling. >> it is bone chilling. you've been camping many times with james dimaggio. can he survive pretty easily in that kind of terrain from your experience? >> no, and that's one of the things that, you know, has got me more concerned with a small backpack they are looking at several days in the woods. he didn't prepare for a long period of hiding out and would coincide with the dates and times i've been able to discover. so, you know, laura is just pet fied this will be the end result that her brother might commit suicide and we're obviously, very concerned about hanna, as well. >> and in terms of obviously yesterday you were very defensive of your friend and understandably. we didn't have so much information. but given what you know now, do you fear that you may have been
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too optimistic in terms of believing he may be an innocent victim? >> i wouldn't say i was defensive or optimistic. i think that i was trying to be calculate and logical with respect to the information that was available, and was working to gain the trust of laura and their family for the positive outcome for hanna and for jim. these traumatic events are often the first reaction of people involved. family is grief and within grief you have a process of denial until you get to point of acceptance and over the last couple days, the shocking announcement of finding the car and it seemed it was clear that jim was involved, laura was much more forthcoming with information that i'm now able to share with the audience. >> right. >> and thankfully, with the fbi and hopefully they can use it to bring both of them home safety. >> andrew, just to clarify, i wasn't accusing you of being too
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defensive. it's obviously a horn remem hor situation but what is fascinating about what you unearthed today is the potential of bone chilling timeline which may be one of the motivations for what is going on here. interestingly, barry robinson -- >> the name of the location -- >> brother -- >> the name of the location is chilling, right? it coincides with a suicidal type destination. >> yeah -- >> so there -- >> terms of -- in terms of the impact of the father's suicide back in the late 1990s, you found out from berry, he's a good friend of yours, berry robinson, smokey robinson's friend married to laura, james dimaggio's sister. laura herself finds it incredibly difficult around the time of the anniversary of the father's disappearance and indeed, his suicide.
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>> right, that's typical of most people that had a traumatic event. when there is an anniversary date, people do that. you see that when people get sober, when the anniversary date of their sobriety day comes around, all the issues that might have been suffered through a developmental delay of their addiction will start resurfacing and it's important to know the anniversary dates of traumatic events so you can be prepared to stop homicidal or suicidal problems that could come up with a client or patient around these dates. it's very common to have all these feelings resurface and if there is other depress sieve circumstances that are going on, that can be true. now i did check out also, the issue about the house repossession. i found out he was only one month behind so i don't think that was as much of a motivating
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factor and more importantly, i think it has to do with the father because jim was in military -- at a military academy in georgia training to work on submarines, and i think that's why they might have thought he got some of his bomb ideas or ideas that he might be trained in explosives. and jim is -- he went forward -- he, in the schools his mother became sick with cancer and died and he dropped out of school the last test to go home and be with his sister because he was concerned about her welfare and her mental ability to handle it with her father, who is an active drug addict using crystal meth. so after his mother died, it was only a couple years later that the father actually then relapsed and was using meth cow cake -- i'm sorry, methamphetamine -- >> and -- >> and he went out to the
6:15 pm
dessert, took a large iv dose of methamphetamine and died -- >> it's obviously -- >> i have to move on unforpt anytimely -- >> i know. you have a lot going on. >> yeah, it's riveting details and i'm grateful to you for bringing it to us and obviously, you've told the fbi and i'm sure it's something they will take seriously. thank you very much, indeed. >> thank you, piers. coming up next, two friends of hanna anderson join me live and what she told them about her relationship with james dimaggio and james walsh spoke to hanna's father.
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like i said before, you've taken everything. the damage is done. just let my daughter go. let her go home safe. let her be with me and try to mend things from there. >> a desperate plea from hanna anderson's father. she's believed to be in the idaho winder nls. with me two of hanna's friends, hanna darby and alan mcnabb. let me start with you, alan. you had concerns with hanna's relationship with this man, james dimaggio. >> she mentioned earlier in the year something about jim having a crush on her, but that's it. >> and was she concerned about that? was she unnerved by it? >> oh, yes, definitely, as well
6:20 pm
as me and hanna were. >> and hanna darby, you obviously share the same name as your friend, in terms of what she said to you about james dimaggio, is it possible at all do you think that she could have gone off with him willingly? >> absolutely not. i'm sure that this is one thing that hanna would not have wanted because she absolutely loved her mom and her little brother and this -- it's one thing that i know she wouldn't want to do willingly. >> uh-huh. >> is it possible, alan, that hanna may be totally unaware about what happened to her mother and to her brother and she's with this man and gone on some crazy adventure completely unaware what he's done? >> she may be unaware of her mother and brother's death but i feel like even if she is, she knows something is wrong because
6:21 pm
she would never go off to idaho and across four states with him, without knowing anything. >> i mean, hanna, what makes you say james dimaggio is like from what she's told you and what you may have seen and heard yourself? >> well, he was -- he was a very nice person that you could easily get along with and he was just always there for hanna for anything and just -- just a really nice sensitive person, i guess, you would say. i didn't really know him that well to get to know him more. >> and finally, hanna, if by any chance hanna is near a television and may see this now or when we repeat the show later, what would you say to her? >> just that we're looking for her and we came across his car and that we are looking for her and that if she has a chance, just to run and that someone will find her and so many people
6:22 pm
are looking for her right now and we just want her home. >> alan mcnabb and hanna darby, thank you for joining me. >> thank you. i'll bring in john walsh. from what we heard today, it changes the story. we don't have -- we don't have john walsh. i'm sorry. we have a technical problem. we'll get john later. next, high drama for super star usher and takes the stand in a custody battle all in front of the cameras. >> i knew there had been an incident in the pool but didn't have clarity of exactly what took place. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart.
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back to the breaking news on the manhunt for james dimaggio and hanna. john, pretty dramatic day in terms of the narrative of this incident. what do you think happened from all that you've gleamed? >> well, i think it's great. you and i talked about this yesterday, that i thought that he was keeping hanna as his obsession object and hopefully she was alive. she is alive. the big problem and the big challenge is to get this guy before he does something to hanna and finding the car and finding the area where he was was a huge break in this and as i said, it's always the public that helps law enforcement catch these creeps. right, and the fascinating interview, i don't know if you heard it but i talked to andrew, a close friend of james dimaggio and revealed an important piece
6:27 pm
of information tonight, this is all around the anniversary of james dimaggio's father's disappearance and subsequent suicide. he commented suicide and the anniversary is tomorrow back in the '90s. could this be very significant, do you think? do you think he planned it because of the psychological trama perhaps of his death. >> let's get real, piers, i listened to that interview and talked to brett twice in the last 24 hours and an hour ago. that therapist never mentioned christina's name or eaten. the eaten the-year-old boy beaten to death and there are millions of americans that have traumatic childhoods and didn't go out and plans murders and deaths. brett is so upset by what different people are saying about this whole case. that are saying that hanna may have run away with this guy. it is really bothering this
6:28 pm
father who has had his heart ripped out, and went to a memorial tonight for his wife and 8-year-old son and the focus is on catching this guy, not making excuses for him. if he was really bothered by the suicides, why didn't he kill himself and end the pain? he is obsessed with this girl. he murdered her mother and 8-year-old brother and took the off with this young girl. he's a pedophiled and planned it. he bought camps gear and the main thing is to get to him before he hurts hanna and the one thing that will keep brett, the father going, the one thing he's desperate for is to get this girl back, get her into therapy, treatment, keep her away from the media and start to try to patch up his life and her life. >> given the fact that we have an eyewitness now on horseback and claimed to see them and saw no sign of unwillingness on the
6:29 pm
part of the woman that he believed to be young hanna and the fact the investigators saying the fire and kidnapping seem to be a well-planned event, can we we rule out that hanna may be completely unaware of what he did to her brother and mother and that she may have gone on what she believed to be an adventure with him? >> let's hope that's the case, but no one, unless -- until the story is over and no one who has walked in the shoes of hanna, unless they have walked in those shoes has any right. people talked about elizabeth smart, the girl from utah that was kidnapped and kept in captivity for eight months. she said, you know, we were stopped by the police three times and she said i was in -- i was so traumatized, i was so afraid and so scared, my kidnapper told me i got into
6:30 pm
your house,ly kill your little sister, i will kill your mother and father if you ever say to people i kidnapped you. maybe that's the situation hanna is in now. she's so traumatized. she may or may not have witnessed the murder of her mother and brother and as we know from the girls in ohio and many cases i've done on america's most wanted, part particularly women, they will do what they have to do to survive. >> finally, john, when we spoke yesterday, we were both, i think, fearful about what may have happened, given there was no sign of hanna being alive, we now believe, the investigators believe she was alive certainly as far as wednesday. are you encouraged by that? double that that is a good positive sign that he hasn't gone away and just killed her? >> no, absolutely, absolutely. if -- that hanna is his obsession. this is probably the perpetrator
6:31 pm
of all this. he's a narcissist pedophile that became obsessed with this girl and hopefully he'll think in his diluted mind like so many criminals i've done on america's most wanted that he'll beat the cops and get away with his little trophy, which is hanna and survive. i'm praying for this family, and particularly for brett that we get this girl back alive. i told him not to give up hope, do as much media as he could. fortunately, the media is very interested in this case right now. we know jaycee dugard was kept in a backyard for 18 years, the women in ohio and elizabeth smart for eight months. so i am praying that this guy thinks he's going to beat law enrsment, get away with it and they get him before he does anything to hanna. but the saddest, saddest thing of this is that he -- he's already crossed the line and
6:32 pm
killed her mother and 8-year-old brother. so he's capable of anything but i have a lot of thought in law enforcement. >> thank you for joining me. usher in court today fighting to keep custody of his son after almost drowning in the swimming pool. a dramatic and emotional day. coming up next. [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedes-benz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer
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. usher give us five seconds here. what do you think about the judge's ruling? >> the most important thing is i get back to the hospital with my boys. >> usher after a dramatic day in court. the judge ruled they can stay with the super star singer. the case was triggered when his 5-year-old boy almost drowned in a pool at his home. welcome to both of you, very emotional day. before we get into it, i want to play a clip from timyka raymond's testimony today where she broke down and sobbed completely. >> i've been there since 4:00, 3:50 the day of the accident and i left this morning at 9:45 i left the hospital. >> ma'am, i know this is very
6:37 pm
difficult -- >> this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous. >> step down. >> thank you. >> earlier, the backdrop to this for viewers who aren't aware of the background is that usher got custody of these two boys. why was that? that's unusual for a mother not to get custody at all in that kind of case that and that probably explains her desperation to resolve that today using the swimming pool incident as an excuse? >> we don't know why it is timyka foster raymond did not get custody of the two boys. they have joined legal custody but usher has obtained primary physical custody. that means that the kids live with him. what went down, what happened in that custody hearing, the initial custody hearing that happened and especially the modification that was filed last year, we just don't know, piers. >> ryan, usher was very calm and composed today, which i'm sure played very well with the judge
6:38 pm
in contrast to timyka who was emotional. let's watch a bit of usher on the stand. >> my son was hysterical and in the back of an ambulance. i knew that there had been an incident in the pool, but i didn't have clarity of exactly what took place. when i got in the back of the ambulance, he was hysterical. he didn't want to go to the hospital. he was very irate, and i did my best to calm him down. >> in the end, ryan, the judge seemed to agree it had been an awful accident and no negligence because usher's aunt was there by the pool at the time and there was a malfunction with the pool and usher himself was a block away in a recording studio. it wasn't negligence in the way timyka was trying to make out. >> they found usher was an exit away, couple minutes from the house but you mentioned composure, he was calm and helped him and helped him show he was a fit parent.
6:39 pm
if the judge found the children at this point in time were in life or death-type danger, such that they needed to be removed from him and given to timyka, that's what he would have ruled. he ruled this was an accident. usher's composure and calm under those circumstances as he portrayed, seemed to go a long way in the judge's sense. >> there was a very emotional moment at the end of this after the judge came down on usher eastside, when usher walked over to da timyka, put his arm on he shoulder and they had a friendly embrace. tell me about that. a strange way to end a hostile moment in court. >> it was interesting. i would say it was unexpected. we were getting up, ready to leave the courtroom and court was over and all of a sudden we saw usher get up. he had a smile on his face. he hugged his own attorneys and turned toward timyka, looked at her, walked toward her, tapped her on the shoulder. there was some question about
6:40 pm
whether she hesitate add bit and they hugged. we're not sure what it is he said but you can see he was clearly talking to her, and it was a very unexpected moment to say the least. >> yeah, and i thought a very descent thing of him to do given the circumstances. ryan, you spoke to timyka's attorneys after the case today. what was the mood there? is she going to carry on trying to get custody, you think? >> she is going to carry on. what is interesting talking to the attorneys is they mentioned at the end of the conversation if usher is able to let the kids be with her when he's out of town and they maintain he's out of town a lot, maybe they are willing to be happy with that kind of situation. in the modification they filed, the hearing is based on later in the month, one thing they requested in that modification was the possibility of her getting the custody back. so maybe they are thinking there is room for middle ground here, but we won't know until that hearing takes place later this
6:41 pm
month. >> ryan smith and thank you both very much indeed. president obama on the defense, tells america to trust him. the government is not spying on america. we'll break down the news and see whether that's true or not. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. i want to make clear once again that america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. our intelligence is focused above all on finding the information necessary to protect our people and in many cases, protect our allies. >> president obama standing by the government surveillance program, had a lot to say at the press conference today. we'll break it down in the news tonight with mark c lamont hill. welcome to both of you. marc lamont hill, president obama keeps saying until he's blue in the teeth that they are
6:46 pm
not going after the average american's e-mails and phone records but after yesterday's revelatio revelations, that is what they are doing. >> well that's the problem. it's a distinction without a difference. he's saying we're not going after regular citizens, we're only going after suspicious folk. the problem is the net is so white what constitutes a suspicious person the everyday person gets lumped into that and they pickeding a visit levels of data. when they data mine for people, you get lumped in any way. it's a big, big net, very dangerous and the president was not per swaytive today he is not spying on people. >> i wasn't persuaded. >> i thought the president was saying people on both sides of the argument are patriotic. the only person that isn't is edward snowden, the guy that brought it all out into public domain and calling to say we'll bring in a new load of regulations but this guy is
6:47 pm
still not a patriot, he's a disgusting traitor and needs to come home and face the music. can't all be true. >> president obama has been all over the place on this issue and let's remember administration, they are willing to leak information themselves they think makes administration look good. of course, we had the information about the 19 embassies being closed and told why they are picking up on conversations, you know, between al qaeda and yemen and so forth and the plans. so for me what's peculiar is president obama on tuesday defends the program saying there is no such thing as domestic spying. i agree with mark it's precisely -- there is no difference in the statements but today he comes out and announces these reforms. so i don't know. i think he's leaving the american people confused and we saw it even matt damon has fallen out of love. [ laughter ] >> the reforms are very good. the president did make important
6:48 pm
points here. for example, the american judicial system thrives on an add ver sar yell process. the problem is with the current court, somebody goes and says look, there is terrorism, bad stuff happening and the court listens to the argument and no counter argument in the interest of civil liberties. president obama says there will be an independent source become more transparent. the words were great. i think the president laid out four important points. the only question is will he do it? will the word become flesh? >> there is another question -- >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> will we understand why the court is arriving at the conclusions that they do? that could be in secret. is this idea of having oversight, that's precisely what congress is trying to do and administration is stone walling and we've seen certainly with darrell's oversight committee that's always political. he calls them phony scandals,
6:49 pm
only a couple weeks ago and today holding a press conference -- >> they -- >> all of this together including nsa. >> he's right. >> and saying this is a phony scandal, this is a scandal to scoop up innocent american's phone numbers, verizon, we learned about and track innocent americans, their use -- >> let's move -- >> the problem -- >> let's move on. let's move on. let's move on, if i may, talking of scandals to anthony weiner. because he really to me, crossed a line because he's now abusing the british accent and i want to play you a clip with the confrontation of this. >> would anything stop me? is a rock going to fall on my head? anything else i can do. can i do weather? >> if you can do the weather. >> where is this from? this is from england? >> you can do it here. >> it will be raining, cloudy
6:50 pm
>> i mean, i can deal with all the sexting stuff, but this is beyond the pale, martin hill. >> i agree. sexting is fine. it's when you abuse that british accent that you have to draw a line. >> terrible. >> he's clearly just unraveling. he's unraveling, piers. he doesn't know what to do or say. i think he thought he was being funny and charming. i think he doesn't like women. i think he hates women and he doesn't know how to engage them with respect, with civility. he doesn't know how to do that. he's a problem. it's time for him to get off the campaign trail. >> for him to invoke the spirit of monty python, i thought that was pretty rich, too. he's like a walking sketch. >> when i watched this, i think we're well past penis jokes at this point with anthony weiner.
6:51 pm
i felt i was watching someone who was deranged. he seemed as if his personality is disintegrating before our eyes. he was speed talking, he's shouting at passers-by, mocking his interviewer. there's something deeply damaged about this person. and he's just managing the critical phase of how badly does he wipe out. >> i'm afraid i agree with both of you. let's turn to bring your gun to starbucks day. this was an initiative that gathered momentum today. starbucks has traditionally allowed people to conceal carry in their stores. they now have the counterprotests of the gun rights people saying right, we're going to march into port and take our guns to starbucks. this is the stuff of madness, isn't it? >> no, this is exactly what makes the nra and its supporters look insane.
6:52 pm
i'm a very reasonable person when it comes to the second amendment. i don't want to talk people's guns away. i think you go too far to the other extreme. but when you have protests like this that are insensitive as we approach the anniversary of sandy hook and all the violence we've seen with all these shootings, it's shameful, disgusting and no excuse for it. guns are not under assault. all people want is reasonable gun laws. >> they were even doing it in newtown, i mean, what is the mentality of people marching down to their starbucks which sells coffee, and taking their firearms to make some point in a place that's been desecrated by gun violence? >> as far as star bucks in states that allow concealed carry, i have to applaud them
6:53 pm
for following the law and standing by the voters who have decided this is how they want their communities to be organized. the gun owners are exercising their rights under the laws in that state. i'm worried about caffeine withdrawal and guns, but i don't agree that somehow it's offensive to exercise your second amendment rights around other people. that's the whole point of concealed carry law. >> no, no, no -- >> hang on, what about my right as a starbucks customer, regular, what about my rights to go to my starbucks and not have to be in a line with a bunch of people with ar-15s? >> that is where the constitution comes in, you don't get to impose your view of the second amendment when your statement decided that those citizens can carry. here in new york city, when you go to the starbucks, you don't have to worry anybody is going
6:54 pm
to have a gun. but there are different states with different laws and they don't get to dictate to everybody else. >> just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something. yes, you can walk in starbucks with an ar-15 -- >> what is someone that has a gun on their person and they want to get a coffee? they can't go into a starbucks and get a coffee like you can? >> that's a hypothetical. this isn't someone who happens to have a 9 millimeter on them. this is a group of gun nuts getting together and ordering lattes with uzzis. >> remember, starbucks themselves stands by those state laws that allows customers to bring guns into their establishments. >> i will buy you both a latte next time i'm in new york.
6:55 pm
we can have some confidence that everyone else won't be there with a gun. we'll be right back after this break. right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big.
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hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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britta olsen is my patient.
6:58 pm
i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. i was like, what am i doing? i need to change.
6:59 pm
>> i have never met a woman who wanted to hurt her unborn baby. but i've met a lot of women that did not know how to do the right thing. the common denominator is poverty. and poverty is an accident of birth. pregnancy is a wonderful window of opportunity. a mother can turn her life around. >> my name is martha ryan, and i help expected mothers, many who are homeless break the cycle of poverty for good. you can't just be saved. you have to do the work yourself. i learned very early on, prenatal care was not enough. we will help you with housing, as well. these women needed help with complex issues, and now we serve the entire family. >> thank you so much. >> you're so welcome. given opportunities, nothing stops them. >> getting over my addiction
7:00 pm
wasn't the hardest part. getting my kids stable, finding my confidence. i work here now. i am so happy to be able to relay the things i've learned to moms. this program gave me the tools, and i found myself. >> we are investing in people. believe in yourself and just take one day at a time. their ability to change their lives, now, that is inspiring. a major development in the search for a missing teenager and the murder suspect she's believed to be traveling with. also, president obama says he'll keep the spies honest when it comes to spying on you. tonight, we're keeping him honest and digging into republican claims he's letting an nsa leaker, edward snowden, force his hand. later, amazing rescues in a flood zone.

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